Description Author Dates Covered Date Written
God Always Answers. Norah Marriner looks back over her life and retells some of her many memories of God's loving care. Norah Marriner 1899-1990 1998
The Story of Seventh-day Adventists in the British Isles 1902-1992. Special souvenir edition of the Messenger. Note that this pdf document is 9.4 Mb in size and may take some time to download. Right-click and select "Save Target As..." to save the whole magazine to your computer. Stanborough Press 1902-1992 1992
Establishing the British Mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church 1863-1887. Originally presented as a doctoral dissertation. Pastor Rex Riches 1863-1887 1996
A Missionary Doctor's Autobiography. A personal account of life in the mission field. Dr Robert Buckley 1930-2000 2005
A Century of Adventism in the British Isles. A special edition of Messenger. Note that this file is in pdf format. Dr D N Marshall (Editor) 1900-2000 2000
Blessings of a Lifetime. A personal account of life in the Seventh-day Adventist ministry. Pastor K A Elias 1916-2000 2003
The life of Ernest Bernard Phillips. Mrs R N Surridge (nee Phillips) 1892-1977 c 2001
History of the Plymouth School. Joyce Hill 1919-1971 1971
History of the Aberdeen Church. Documenting the earliest beginnings of the church in Aberdeen. Mary Grieve 1903-1999 1999
Historical Sketch of the Dundee Church. Compiled from church records and personal memories. Document revised in 1999. J C Walton 1917-1977 1977
Personal Recollections of the Dundee Church. Nora Myles 1931-1960 1999
List of Ministers of the Dundee Church. Gordon Smith 1917-1999 1999
History of the Camp Hill Church. Including a list of preachers, a collection of quotations, and more. Ken Burt 1953-1997 1997
History of the Chesterfield Church. Initially compiled by Wilf Cupit, then edited and a supplement added by Stephen Ham. Wilf Cupit 1910-1999 1999
History of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Scotland. Contributions from Ruth Farrer, Leslie Hill, John McDonald, Nora Myles, David Sutherland, and Margaret Whidden. Edited by Russell Bryan. Russell Bryan 1904-1992 1992
History of the Stanborough Park Church. Unknown 1927-1999 1999
Evangelism in Britain, 1947-1964 - by Pastor Kenneth Lacey. First published in the Messenger in 1978. Also available in MS Word format (411k). Pastor Ken Lacey 1947-1964 1978
I Loved Africa - by by S G Maxwell. (15.2 Mb). Self published by Stanley Maxwell (son of S G Maxwell), 1975 and 1976. Scanned February 2020. Made available by kind permission of the family.. S G Maxwell 1903-1946 1975